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The New York Times + Magazine 

Your most-played song of 2020 is...white noise?
The rich kids who want to tear down capitalism
When the world shut down, some people with disabilities saw it open
Abortion access in Mississippi happens one person at a time

The Outline (RIP) 

Sex workers protest a post-Backpage world (audio feature)
The prescription abortion pill we could have, but don’t
Why some sex workers are moving to blockchain payments
Say goodbye to your happy plantation narrative
This font I hate is coming back in style
Ed Lee sold out San Francisco
The Great 78 Project is preserving our sonic past (audio feature)
America’s long, shameful history of sterilizing prisoners
How Fred Perry polos came to symbolize hate

The Columbia Journalism Review

Does reporting on panic buying fuel panic buying?
The troll brigade berates laid-off journalists
YouTube reactionaries are breaking the news media
Edit tests are out of control, say journalists in search of jobs

Resident Advisor

Review: Koreless - Agor
Review: Conclave - S/T
Bergsonist is building community through iteration and idealism
Resistance, protest and joy at Brooklyn’s Melting Point

The Baffler

The nanny guilt of Megan K. Stack
Pity the conservative consumer watchdog


Sex workers lobby in Albany for decriminalization (Gothamist)
The Democratic presidential candidates who voted for FOSTA/SESTA (Teen Vogue)
With Naive, Inês Coutinho wants to open up dance music (Bandcamp)
BoJack Horseman helped me finally confront my father’s Alzheimer’s (BuzzFeed)
Channeling the archangels for a million fans (Digg)
How Oakland’s birds got an island sanctuary (Atlas Obscura)
Flappers didn’t really wear fringe dresses (Racked)