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Photo: Meghan Marin

Hell Gate

An attack on Alan Dershowitz’s tribute at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
How much fentanyl is actually in NYC’s club drugs? 
Bodegas should sell loosie tampons
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The New York Times + Magazine

Want a synthesizer? Go ahead and take one from Synth Library NYC
Your most-played song of the year is...white noise?
The rich kids who want to tear down capitalism
When the world shut down, some people with disabilities saw it open
Abortion access in Mississippi happens one person at a time

Resident Advisor

Inside the American South’s anti-cop forest raves
Toronto collective Crip Rave makes accessibility a priority
Resistance, protest and joy at Brooklyn’s Melting Point
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The Outline (RIP)

Sex workers protest a post-Backpage world (audio feature)
The prescription abortion pill we could have, but don’t
Why some sex workers are moving to blockchain payments
Say goodbye to your happy plantation narrative
This font I hate is coming back in style
The Great 78 Project is preserving our sonic past (audio feature)
America’s long, shameful history of sterilizing prisoners
How Fred Perry polos came to symbolize hate


This Austrian heiress is asking 50 strangers to redistribute her wealth (the Nation)
Bluestockings bookstore faces eviction for handing out Narcan (Curbed)
Remembering the strange dream of lockdown New York
BoJack Horseman helped me finally confront my father’s Alzheimer’s (BuzzFeed)
Pity the conservative consumer watchdog (the Baffler)